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~ Bio - Jeffrey Dobkin ~

Jeffrey Dobkin is an innovator and an entrepreneur, but it's his writing style that has made him famous. Over 2,000,000 people read his information-rich, explicit How-To articles on marketing and direct marketing.

Mr. Dobkin's articles on marketing and direct marketing appear in over 60 magazines and business newspapers. Local magazines and newspapers include The Business Ledger, Advertising in the Delaware Valley (ADV), Small Business News, and The Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association (PDMA) News; national magazines, journals and newspapers include Small Business Computing, Direct Marketing Magazine, Inside Direct Mail, Business to Business Marketer, DM News, ASBA Today (American Small Business Association), The National Business Association News, The Savant (SCORE Newsletter), Business Today, Publishers Marketing Association, Managing Small Business, Mail Order Monthly, Money Makers Monthly, Money and Profits, Wealth Builders, The Network Trainer, International Insider's News, Network Marketing Connection, The Great American Advertiser, Savannah Business Journal, The Sacramento Business Ledger, The Business Journal of San Jose, The Business Journal of Santa Rosa, Dream Merchant, Inventors' Digest, Nexus Magazine, Home Venture, Home Business Magazine, Home Business Connection, Agency Sales Magazine, Indiana Journal of Commerce and Industry, Business Strategies of Eastern Ohio, The Newsletter on Newsletters, Business Gazette of Elkhart IN, SouthTrust Bank Today's Business, Sanwa Bank Business Resource, First Commercial Bank About Small Business, First Tennessee Business Review, Information Entrepreneur, Office Systems, Health Insurance Underwriter, The Mortgage Press, The Highlander Newsletter to name just a few.

Jeffrey Dobkin is the author of two books on marketing. The first book published in 1996, updated in 1998 and again in 2001, is a 400-page, 81/2" x 11", 21/2 lb. resource tool titled How To Market a Product for Under $500. It demonstrates how an entrepreneur or small business owner can single-handedly bring a product to the attention of a national marketplace in under 6 months, for under $500. ISBN 0-9642879-2-7. $29.95.

His second book, Uncommon Marketing Techniques, was published in 1998. It's 270 pages of tips and tactics of successful marketing and direct marketing methods. Written in his own information-rich style, this explicit how-to book contains over 33 of Mr. Dobkin's most requested articles on small business marketing. ISBN 0-9642879-3-5. $17.95. Both books are available in major bookstores nationwide.

Speaking engagements and appearances include: AT&T Teleconferences (4); WVPO Radio - Keystone Broadcasting; CJAD Radio, Montreal; CNBC- The Money Wheel; The Sara and John Edwards Home Business Show, Santa Monica, CA; Careers 1/2-hour interview-WMGK Radio, Philadelphia, PA; Delaware Valley Forum-WPHL-TV; National Innovation Workshops; CNBC-The Money Wheel; ABA Marketplace, Nashville, TN; Community Outlook-WPHL-TV; Agora Publishing, San Diego, Baltimore & Atlantic City; Costal Entrepreneurial Council, Wilmington NC; West Phila Incubator Center; The Learning Annex; NJ Advertising and Marketing Association, Phila Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by AT&T; Direct Marketing Days NY; Scientific, Marketing, & Packaging Conference; The Yankee Entrepreneur's Workshop; Direct Marketing Days NY, May 2000; Mailcom, Consultant's Network; Temple University; Inventors Assistance Group, Santa Clara; DIMA, Chicago; Radio: Over 25 appearances on The Small Business Advocate Show (22 Markets)

For work Jeff reads over 125 business magazines a month. For enjoyment he reads technical magazines about printing and graphic art. Dobkin is a master graphic artist, and an accomplished fine artist.

Jeffrey lives with his wife and three children (ages 3, 6 and 9) in a 100-year-old house on the outskirts of Philadelphia in the town of Bala-Cynwyd, PA. He plays racquetball a minimum of three times a week, and is ranked about 4th in Pennsylvania. He's also a bicyclist and avid long time motorcyclist.

For the past 20 years Mr. Dobkin has owned a marketing agency and consulting practice specializing in marketing and direct marketing. Services include copywriting: letters, catalogs, web content, brochures; art and business graphics, and direct mail packages and campaigns. His firm also analyzes printed material and literature including direct marketing packages, and reviews plans and market strategy. He can be reached at 610-642-1000. Write to him at The Danielle Adams Publishing Company, Box 100, Merion Station, PA 19066, where he is the president.

Board of Directors, National Mail Order Association Board of Directors, United Inventors Association-USA

Board of Directors, American Society of Inventors

Board of Directors, Digital Brilliance

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