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Brand new from master marketer, Jeffrey Dobkin. His best, fastest-paced and most useful articles yet on marketing and direct marketing compiled in his newest book, Forget Theory! Here's What Works Best In Direct Marketing. Find out what you've been missing in your marketing. Learn thousands of innovative and new low-cost marketing techniques. An incredible marketing and reference tool.

A 15-Point Check List for Your Ads.
Point by point, check your ads against this direct marketer's insiders check list to make sure that you've left nothing out - and to ensure your response rate will be exceptional.

12 Places to Buy A Mailing List.
"This is the question I'm most commonly asked," says Jeff. Discussed are sources, the pro's and con's, phone numbers and information about each source.

Thinking of Starting a Newsletter -- Don't!
You'd have to be crazy to start a newsletter (or a magazine). If you still feel you must, here's a plethora of ideas to make sure your newsletter has just the right mix to get read, still sell your products, and build the loyalty and trust of your client base as well.

Best Direct Marketing Campaign I've Ever Written.
25 years in the business and this campaign is the best. What is it? How do you do it? Here are some hints: it doesn't use any phone calls. Success is almost assured if you can just

The Most Irresistible Line in ALL of Direct Mail!
Learn the single line you can print on your envelope that will absolutely get your direct mail piece opened by every person.

9 Reasons Why You Should Send a Cover Letter with Every Press Release.
"Not everyone in the public relations industry agrees with me." This article explains why this letter works so hard, and what you should say in it to increase your credibility and double the chance of getting your release published. Make your own decision.

Inside Secrets of Direct Marketing: Bulleted Tips!
Almost 100 brief, bulleted tips on all phases of marketing and direct marketing. Each tip is one paragraph, two at most. Fast and punchy - great bathroom reading material.

The 23 Best Lines in Marketing!
"These lines are old friends to me. I've used them time and time again - and they still are as fresh as the first day I swiped them from other people's direct mail packages." You can't write great direct mail copy without these. Article includes commentary.

How To Get $1,000 Worth of Advertising for $60!
You won't feel cheated after reading this - you'll really learn how to get this deal anywhere, in any town. No experience necessary.

A 75-Point Checklist for your Direct Mail.
Written for my original presentation at Direct Marketing Days in New York, this comprehensive checklist is everything you need to know - and then some - about making your direct mail package effective, and not leaving anything out.

16 Myths of Marketing.
"I'll call back." The big customer myth. If you didn't handle it right the first time, don't hold your breath: they won't. "It's easy to sell this product when I showed my friends the sample, they all loved it!" Wait until you try to sell it to a stranger, things toughen up quite a bit. Here's how to find out if it will sell

Increasing Response Through Booklet Titles.
Take a sheet of paper, fold it in thirds, print some copy on it, now you have a worthless brochure. Take a sheet of paper, fold it in half - presto: you have a valuable "Informational Booklet." Learn how to make the phone ring by giving this booklet away.

18 Marketing Assumptions that Aren't True.
Myth: "We can educate the market!" Truth: If your marketing campaign starts out with this line, you're in trouble already. Myth: "Of course we'll succeed - we're the best in the business." Truth: The best architect in the world will sink if he can't make his phone ring. The quality of your marketing determines your success or failure not the quality of your work.

15 Magic Words To Make Sure Your Press Release Gets Published.
A press release is the most valuable single sheet of paper in all of marketing. Here's how to help get it into print.

Marketing Through Associations.
One of the most overlooked avenues of marketing is through associations. Includes little known references for finding any association you can think of, plus samples and examples.

Marketing With Post Cards.
Post cards are inexpensive to print, low cost to mail, enjoy fast delivery, and have high readership. Here's an array of tips and techniques on helping you to create successful cards, and how to best use these low cost marketing tools in effective campaigns.

Plus PLENTY MORE - Over 33 Original, Explicit BRAND NEW How-To Articles on Marketing Written by master marketer Jeffrey Dobkin!

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