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Are You Just 25 Words Away From Being Rich?

     Do you know me, Jeffrey Dobkin?

     No, probably not.

     I never became famous.

     I never became famous because I’ve spent the last 25 years in the trenches, working with the little guys. I was busy helping my small business clients get rich.

     No roads to instant success. No fancy overnight schemes. But if you hired me as a consultant, I presented some of the most powerful, easiest to follow, yet most effective and lowest-cost marketing campaigns you could find. I’ve helped thousands of small businesses.

     People who have seen my writing know that I cut through the theoretical crap, and show entrepreneurs and small business owners exactly what to do to get more business, and exactly how to do it.

     Now I’ve taken my best, most successful marketing programs, refined them again and again - made them easy to follow, and easy to do so they get done, (what good is a program that’s too difficult to follow or too hard to do?) and combined them into one simple spectacular course, “Getting Rich from Your Kitchen Table.” And offer it for sale to you. I promise you, you’ve never seen anything like it, anywhere. Ever. It does exactly what it says - shows you how to get rich, right from your kitchen table. Neat!

     If you’ve read either of my books, HOW TO MARKET A PRODUCT FOR UNDER $500! or UNCOMMON MARKETING TECHNIQUES, you already know you get fast-reading practical, useful information that immediately helps you make money. No history, no theory, and no B.S. That’s why my column on marketing is now published in over 60 magazines and tough business newspapers. Now I’m offering you this opportunity: the chance to get rich right from your kitchen table with almost no risk. Without big expense. It’s a “here’s-exactly-how-to-do- it” course to make money. Big money.


     Silly, isn’t it, the figures other ads throw at you? Ads with titles like “Make $9,000 just by mailing this letter!” and “Make $25,000 your first month.” Junk. What a bunch of worthless stuff. Do you really think you can make $9,000 just by mailing a letter? Get real! Their directions wouldn’t get you to a gas station on a turnpike.


     You know who you are. You’ve been in one MLM program or another for quite a while now. Never seem to make any money, do you? Put somebody in your downline - if you get that far - just in time to watch another fall off the top. You see, only the few at the top make money in MLM. “I made $10,000 my first month!” sounds great in the ad, but they started at the top. It’s easy if you start at the top! But now you’re staring at your $300 hard-earned bucks worth of crummy literature and wonder how you’re going to do the same trick. Wake up, baby. You’re not. “THE INTELLIGENT TESTING SYSTEM” works with any and every MLM program. Yet It’s COMPLETELY DIFFERENT - nothing even remotely like multi-level marketing. You don’t sell anything to friends or family. You NEVER need to pick up the phone to sell anything to anyone! It’s completely different. And here’s the difference. I’m going to tell you what it is. Right now.


     Other ads keep you guessing about their “SECRET FORMULA” for success. If you saw their formula, you’d know why they didn’t show it to you up-front. Why should I keep you guessing? My programs really work. If you’re going to invest your time - and money- in a program I believe you have the right to know how it works - up front! This program is easy to follow, and you can create thousands… and thousands of dollars in revenue, with little money to invest up-front, and almost no risk... so here’s how:


     Simple: INTELLIGENT TESTING. The only way to find out what is going to work BIG without spending big, is to run SMALL TESTS. Test with small mailings. Or small circulation ads. This is the ONLY WAY TO GET RICH WITHOUT BIG RISKS or a big investment. My program shows you how to test markets, products and offers - for just a few dollars. For example:



     In the direct mail section, I give you explicit instructions on how to construct an offer, and mail just 50 or 100 letters - right from your kitchen table. This is a test. Suppose you test by mailing to 100 names, and you make a big $16 profit. “So? So what?” you say, “That ain’t gonna pay my rent.” Hang on, baby, I know 16 bucks won’t buy you much more than a tank of gas, a Big Mac and a Coke, but I say it is a big deal. A very big deal. Because, now you take the same offer, same product, and mail it to 400 names, and make $64. Next, mail to 800 names and make $128. Step by step. See: almost no risk. I show you exactly how to do this. Each step makes you money - or you stop.

     Continue only with successful mailing packages. For example:
     Mail to 1,600 names, make $248.
     Mail to 3,200 names, make $496.
     Mail to 6,400 names - make $1,000.

     I show you how easy it is to do, step by step. Now it’s getting interesting. Go to a mailshop, let them handle all the mailing details - you just sit back and pick up the orders - and cash - in your mailbox. The mailshop mails your 12,800 direct mail packages, you earn $2,000 in profit. Mail 25,000 packages (with a single phone call), make $4,000. Mail 100,000, make $16,000. All through direct mail. Now, roll-out and mail to the rest of the list: 2,000,000 names. Do the math. Then call me to place your order for this incredible program, based simply on clever testing. All you need is ONE successful letter to make all of this come true.

     No wild claims, other than your chance of success is excellent. Go to the post office every day, and collect checks in the mail - it’s not a bad life. Your risk? The cost of the first few 100 letters, $60 bucks/hundred. Sure, you’ll create some losers - everyone does. But keep at it. These profits can be had, and they are real.


     Same deal: INTELLIGENT TESTING of small classified ads. Run one ad in a local paper, circulation 10,000. Cost? $25. You sell only $40 worth of goods, and make only $10 profit. I know: don’t quit your day job just yet. Next, I show you exactly how to purchase ads in groups of papers. Buy all the newspapers in your area with a single phone call; circulation 100,000. Make more money: $100 in profit. Next, test larger: purchase classified ads in papers across your entire state - again with a single phone call. 1,000,000 circulation. Your income explodes: now you make $1,000. Profitable? Rollout: buy classifieds in every state in the country, with a single phone call. Without big risk. That’s the beauty of all my programs: test small, become successful, then become wealthy! Because you only increase the placement of winning ads. All you need is ONE SUCCESSFUL 25-WORD AD to make a fortune entirely through the mail.

     No products? I show you where to find them. It’s a complete course, I left nothing out, and left nothing to chance. Special section deals with information products you can create yourself, or where to get them.

     Other parts of my program… and there are lots of them but, well, I’m kinda’ running out of space here, you can get a 75 page book laying it all out in detail including exactly how the system works - for just $14.95 and $3 s&h. Call now to order: 1-866-293-7663. If you’re unhappy with your work or your income level, you can change all that right now—forever.

     If you’re ready for a change, just pick up the phone and call now. THE INTELLIGENT TESTING SYSTEM course is 10 fast-paced cassettes, and an easy to follow workbook. Just listen to the tapes, follow the instructions, and you have the opportunity to get rich right from your home. Full or part time. Complete course - just $299.95 + $12.95 S&H. Order now and get a FREE Bonus audio CD, “Buy Mailing Lists Like a Pro!” Please call now: 610-642-1000 for our FREE BOOKLET or to place your order with a Visa or MasterCard, AMEX, or send a check or money order today - get started by next weekend. Complete money back guarantee. Thanks.

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