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"How To Market A Product For Under $500!"
By our own featured writer, Jeffrey Dobkin.
ISBN 0-9642879-2-7.  Updated Fall, 2001.

 This awesome title is almost 400, 8-1/2" x 11" pages completely filled with useful, practical and successful marketing and direct marketing methods.  It's written in Jeffrey's own unique easy-to-read, conversational style of writing for entrepreneurs, retail shops, service businesses, small business owners, SOHO,  home businesses, inventors, advertising agencies, product developers, marketing professionals, product managers, and yes: small to medium sized firms. Come to think of it, big businesses could use a piece of these effective, low cost marketing methods too.

 How To Market A Product For Under $500! is a clear, easy to follow, soup to nuts, step-by-step action marketing plan.  By reading this book and following the instructions you will be able to bring any product to market for under $500 - without phone calls.

Chapters include:
 PR -

     Creating and effectively placing press releases.  Creating an effective, response-generating press release, submitting it with the best possible chance of being published.
 Direct Mail -
     Creating and sending direct mail to get a maximum response.  Writing & creative, premiums, offers, letters, direct mail packages, list selection, mailing. Over 100 pages of unbelievably helpful information.
 Advertising -
     Creating effective advertisements yourself or how to get an ad you like out of an agency, the first time. Getting the best placement in the correct magazines and papers at the lowest costs.
 Marketing -
     Clear Instructions on Marketing - finding, analyzing and reaching the correct markets for your products, reaching market segments without wasted expense, and digging out little-known industries and sending your messages.  Referencing the tools of marketing, with sample pages from the top dozen or so directories.
 The $500 Campaign
     The last chapter in the book is the $500 campaign.  It's easy to implement and is dollar for dollar the most successful campaign you can create for any product or service.

How To Market A Product For Under $500! contains in-depth tips, techniques, and instructional material for the professional, yet is written so clearly even a student can understand the principles, follow the plan and create a successful campaign.

 By following the simple directions in this book, you can introduce a product nationally in under 6 months, for under $500. No experience necessary. You'll learn thousands of tips and strategies - it's a very thorough course in marketing, advertising, PR and direct marketing.  This book is a reference tool every business owner should have in his or her arsenal of business weapons.  By following the campaigns in this book, your phone will ring.

 One reviewer said "A wealth of techniques and useful information - not one wasted page."  We have lots of unsolicited testimonials from thankful people on file. Just $29.95


Audio Highlight Tapes -
Two tapes of the highlights of How To Market A Product For Under $500! Just $24.for the set of two.


"Uncommon Marketing Techniques"
Jeffrey Dobkin 270 pages 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
ISBN: 09642879-3-5


Over 33 individual chapters of lean tips and techniques in successful marketing, PR, and direct marketing methods.  One chapter is an actual marketing/promotional plan, another a series of letters used in a campaign.  This is a compilation of Dobkin's articles, published in over 100 magazines.  Crisp, short articles, each with a powerful punch.

Chapters include
"Getting Your Press Release into Print," a guide to writing effective press releases, and increasing your chance of getting successfully published in magazines and newspapers from 5% to 85%.
Also featured:
"Increase Your Advertising Response by 10 Times,"
  "The Biggest Mistake Firms Make in Marketing, (and How To Correct It In Your Firm!)"
"How To Buy A Great Mailing List".

Other chapters titles include:
"The One-Evening Marketing Plan," specific instructions on  how to complete your marketing in a single evening, and finish your entire PR program the following day, even working just by yourself.
"How To Create a Winning Direct Mail Package,"
"How To Create Your Own Great Ad - or Get One You Like From an Agency, The First Time" (advertising agencies never tell you this!),
"How to Write a Small Classified Ad,"
"How To Find the Markets for Your Invention,"
"How To Find a Product to Market," <
"The Best Marketing Tips for Small Business,"
"The Fastest and Best Ways to Get Business Right Now."

"Easily worth ten times - 100 times - this price!   Learn more about practical marketing methods in a few evenings than in 4 years of college courses."

This is lively, fast-read material. Just $17.95. 

"The Intelligent Testing System"

Are you just 25 words away from being rich?  You could be. If you can create a single successful 25-word classified ad you can learn how to test it, and place it in thousands of papers statewide or nationwide with a single phone call and at huge discounts.

 A full course containing 10 Audio Tapes (written and recorded by Jeffrey Dobkin from over 187 pages of script), plus 400 pages of material in two 9" x 12" binders.  Learn the right way, "How to sell anything through classified ads and direct mail."

 A complete course dedicated to testing small classified ads and direct mail. Learn how to find products, create successful ads and campaigns, how to gear up to buying thousands of classified ads at huge discounts.  Learn how to place ads state-wide or nation wide, with a single phone call.  Complete home study course with an opportunity to resell this program - and make a $100 commission on each sale.  $299.95

"Inside Secrets of The Intelligent Testing System"
A 75-page booklet explaining in detail exactly what's in The Intelligent Testing System program.  Just $14.95.

"Video Tapes of Jeffrey Dobkin's Direct Marketing Presentations"

Listen, watch, laugh and learn as Jeff presents his intense marketing information to a group of naked enthusiastic seminar attendees.  Just kidding.  Jeff can get pretty funny in his articles and books, but wait till you see him live, before a crowd!  These marketing presentations are informtion-rich, yet fun to see.  Presentations: Video One: "60 Ideas in 60 Minutes"  Rapid fire tips and techniques make this the fastest hour on TV.  Video Two: "Marketing for Inventors"  Includes how to pitch your idea or innovation to large and small companies; plus hundreds of other ideas and techniques in marketing.  Just $29.95 each.

"Danielle's Subliminal Quick-Weight Loss Tapes"

Tired of going on endless diets that don't work?  Don't like to feel hungry?  Learn how to change your behavior through subliminal instructions that bypass your conscious mind and go right into your subconscious.  Play the tape quietly in the background while you watch TV.  Two tapes: one of exactly how the program works, which includes detailed instructions on how to use this quick weight loss system for fastest possible results.  The other tape is affirmations - positive statements such as "I feel full fast, it's OK to be thin, I am thin and healthy, I burn excess calories," that you play at very low volume, daily. Complete instructions included.  Just $18.95.

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"Uncommon Marketing Techniques"  17.95

"The Intelligent Testing System" 299.95

"Inside Secrets of
  The Intelligent Testing System" 14.95

"Video Tapes of Jeffrey Dobkin's
   Direct Marketing Presentations" 29.95

"Danielle's Subliminal Quick-Weight Loss Tapes" 18.95

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