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The Best $30 Bucks You’ll Ever Spend on Your Business!

How To Market A Product For Under $500! isn’t your father’s marketing book. Or the marketing textbook you never read in college unless you were one of those, you know, geeks. Or you just had to. This isn’t just “another book” on getting business. This is the best $30 bucks you’ll ever spend on getting more business, faster, and at a lower cost!

The difference from traditional marketing books is apparent. Written in a breezy, conversational style of writing, it’s all practical and useful direct marketing methods. Author Jeffrey Dobkin’s presentation is interesting and humorous, and even makes marketing fascinating and fun. How To Market A Product for Under $500! demonstrates a complete step-by-step action plan for marketing a product nationally, without phone calls - for under $500. You can learn the some pretty hard-hitting and effective inside secrets of direct marketing in a few evenings of enjoyable reading.


Dobkin’s rapid fire marketing tips and techniques don’t make you beat the bushes to find the important, useful parts. How To Market A Product For Under $500! demonstrates easy to understand, successful marketing methods everyone can learn, and put to immediate use.

You can learn marketing tips and techniques from almost every one of the 376 pages of concise, How-To information written specifically to help small and medium sized businesses. It’s densely packed, useful How-To instruction at its very best.

The text is exceptionally fast-paced, often humorous, and crammed with practical information. It’s hands-on marketing advice you never learned in school, yet easy to understand and implement.

Highlights include specifics on exactly how to create and use FREE PRESS as a means of effective marketing. How to create, and how to test low-cost direct mail. How to find markets and the magazines that serve them. How to create an incredible ONE EVENING MARKETING PLAN, and execute your PR plan the next day - even just working by yourself! How to create effective ads, and negotiate for their lowest placement costs. And the last chapter is the actual $500 campaign. If you could buy only one book on increasing your business, this is the one!

How-To Market A Product for Under $500, by Jeffrey Dobkin, $29.95 +$4 shipping. New Second Edition - updated for 2001, 8-1/2” x 11”, 376 pages. Printed on acid-free paper. From The Danielle Adams Publishing Company, Box 100, Merion Station, PA 19066. Phone orders: 800-234-IDEA, questions: 610-642-1000, Fax: 610-642-6832. Publishers Guarantee: “If this isn’t by far the absolute best $30 you’ve ever spent on marketing, we’ll refund your money, even though you’ve read the whole book. And we’ve never gotten one back yet!” This book is also available at some bookstores, and carries the same guarantee direct from the publisher.

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Another title worth reading from Jeffrey Dobkin: Uncommon Marketing Techniques: 35 fast-read independent articles on marketing. These are the Cliff’s Notes, the Reader’s Digest of marketing - over 33 brief, stand-alone articles on marketing and direct marketing. Articles are completely filled with tips, tricks and techniques—written in Dobkin’s own conversational style of writing; $17.95 + $3 shipping. Call 610-642-1000 for information or a FREE brochure of marketing tips from his books.

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