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Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey Dobkin

Hey, sailor — if you’re looking for a good time…  If you’re ready for Dobkin’s uncensored social, political and life views — and his sick I mean slick sense of humor that some may just call “offensive…” hey, come to think of it everyone calls it offensive, welcome! C’mon in.

By entering this site you agree not to sue Dobkin, not to take offense at some of the more really offensive stuff including the post where he speaks out against the handicapped.  You can enter if you promise to not hurt Dobkin in any way – including throwing stuff at him from the curb and dropping the f-bomb when you walk by him at the supermarket. Then and only then can you come in here — and when you do it’s not our fault you find yourself right at home.  Some of this writing is actually pretty funny, some is seriously funny, but hey, this is a private site for friends and acquaintances and you’ve been warned.  Click Here to Enter.  Ha ha… Just kidding.  Click below.

Warning, offensive language is found in some ALL of these posts…  For a good time, Click Here to enter!



Jeffrey Dobkin is all about direct marketing. But after his direct marketing strategies are read (Dobkin has written 5 books on marketing), his soft, warm and fuzzy side comes out. Well, maybe not exactly warm and fuzzy…

To read Dobkin’s business advice and commentary — Click Here! and woooshhhh… you’ll be taken to his business site, JeffreyDobkin.com. It will open in a new window and is filled with helpful articles on practical, successful marketing and direct marketing methods.  You’ll find lean tips and valuable techniques it took him a lifetime to learn.  Go on… we’ll wait.

Go ahead – no one will think you’re a, you know, geek. Learn the inside secrets of marketing and direct marketing.  Find out about direct mail; see how to increase your response and make it sizzle. Find markets, and learn to use PR the right way with an intelligent press campaign that actually works.  This site is awesome, well over 100 pages.  You’ll learn more practical, useful marketing methods in a few nights of easy reading than in four years of college.

We’ve included some direct marketing posts on this site, too.  It’s the core of Jeffrey Dobkin, and a passion — along with art, motorcycles, music, family, tv, writing, food, and racquetball… although not necessarily in that order. This marketing stuff is what Dobkin is made of and in his blood. Dobkin has spent a lifetime of acquiring, fine-tuning and mastering his direct marketing skills and techniques and he’s willing to share it all with you.

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